How We Are Different From U Turn

What Makes Life Transformation Recovery Different Than U Turn Christian Rehab


We Are Unique as a Medical Facility and Nonprofit Christian Rehab

Other Christian recovery programs such as U Turn have made a huge impact in lives and helped set countless thousands of people free from addiction. Ultimately, faith in Jesus Christ is what brings lasting change, and a complete 180 degree change in life. What makes Life Transformation Recovery so unique is that we approach the whole person in our program, from their medical needs, to discharge planning, and learning life skills.

Here are a few things that make Life Transformation Recovery unique:

  • Drug and alcohol detox, with qualified doctors and nurses
  • We are licensed as a medical facility, so we’re able to take insurance to cover the cost of our services
  • We provide counseling to help get to the root of the issues that led to addiction in the first place
  • A church home to provide friendship and support, during and after the recovery program
  • Life skills training, so graduates know how to budget, carry responsibility, build successful relationships, participate in the community, and minister to other people


Encouraging Your Loved One to Seek Help

Guilt and shame hold many addicts back from seeking help. Most addicts want to change, but don’t know how to break the cycle of needing the substance to function. Here are a few tips on helping your loved one begin the path to recovery.

  • Find the right facility first! Research different treatment options, narrowing them down until you find the best environment and approach for that person.
  • Speak to the addict calmly, without accusations or criticism. He already feels guilty and needs to know that you love and support him.
  • If he says he definitely wants to quit drugs or alcohol, calmly let him know you have found a Christian recovery center that can help.
  • If he agrees to receive help, have everything lined up so all you need to do is pack and arrange transportation to our Prescott Valley rehab. You’ll want him to arrive there before withdrawals can begin, so trained staff can help him through the medical detox process.
  • Approach him when he is the most sober. In most cases, this is when he first wakes up.
  • Listen for statements about wanting to get clean. Let him know that you want to help any way you can.

We’re always ready to take your call. Let us help you get started.

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Heroin Detox
Alcohol Detox
Suboxone Detox
Cocaine Detox
Oxycodone Detox
Meth Detox

 Our Accelerated Treatment Program consists of three phases that are customized to the individual’s needs. It can range in length from 1-3 months, depending on personal growth and healing needs.

Our Extended Treatment Program consists of three phases that are customized to the individual’s needs. It can range in length from 3-6 months, depending on personal growth and healing needs.

Our Women’s Addiction Program is Designed Specifically for Women
Privacy is Essential: the Program is Private and Exclusive to Women
We Encourage Family Counseling and Family Visits

For those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, sometimes attending a outpatient Christian rehab program in AZ is the best option. Our Outpatient Treatment Program is customized to the individual’s needs.

After Graduation from Program
Group Activities and Trips
Outpatient Counseling
Family Counseling
Can Be Combined with Sober Living

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