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Duane Rens, BHT

Duane Rens is the Program Director at Life Transformation Recovery. He began doing drugs and drinking alcohol during the 70’s, smoking marijuana, then progressing to LSD and any other hallucinogenic that was available. Before long, cocaine became his drug of choice and he became addicted, which led to him selling cocaine to support his own habit. In 1979 Duane gave his life to Jesus Christ. He answered the call to preach the Gospel and has preached around the world and within the U.S. for 26 years, where he has seen people’s lives change through preaching, counseling, marriage seminars, Bible conferences, healing crusades and training couples for the ministry. While working as a missionary in South Africa, Duane worked with addicts of the South African version of meth. Jesus Christ set many of them free and one young man is pastoring a church today in the neighborhoods where he ran the streets in a life of crime and addiction. Duane finds it a privilege to play a part in God’s work of changing the lives of those who have been ravaged by drugs and alcohol, and guiding them on the road to a new life through Jesus Christ.

Program Director

Name: Duane Rens​

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